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OMNI HealthCare Solutions

Simple, easy-to-use, and portable POCT health vitals kit that provides health care professionals with access to real-time, lab-quality results within minutes that can improve and accelerate clinical decision-making


The volume of point-of-care testing (PoCT) has steadily increased over the 40 or so years since its widespread introduction. That growth is likely to continue, driven by changes in healthcare delivery which are aimed at delivering less costly care closer to the patient’s home. In the developing world there is the challenge of more effective care for infectious diseases and PoCT may play a much greater role here in the future.

OMNI HealthCare Solutions has designed a POCT IOT device and a cloud platform to enable point of care testing and remote diagnostics.

  • Simple to use: Clear and comprehensive instructions help operator through testing process
  • Broad test menu: Covers a large menu of testing options in one platform
  • Comprehensive support: 24/7 technical support ensures that the kit is supported at all times
  • Wireless data: The device transmits results wirelessly to our cloud over secure network.
  • Mobile first:  The diagnostic data is captured and stored using our companion mobile apps.


Our companian apps for the IoT device work
on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

IoT&Big Data are the ones!

At OMNI HealthCare Solutions Pvt.Ltd, we specialize in HealthCare domain and offer advanced technology services to enable and improve HealthCare processes. Some of our key areas focused are Integration of healthcare data from disparate sources (systems, databases and devices) and providing accessibility to the same across the board and thus making the whole process of sharing the critical medical/clinical data swift, secure and seamless

Our founding members have rich background in the HealthCare domain. Further, our partnerships with seasoned professionals and path-breaking product developers provides us a very unique advantage to serve our customers in the HealthCare domain rather than being just another player in the industry

At OMNI, We help our customers transform their legacy systems into modern architectures using the power of IoT and Big Data,which are one of the most common factors found in any new generation IT system.

Our Specialties

  • HealthCare
  • Management of HIPAA compliant Cloud Infrastructure
  • Design & Development of Medical Devices

RAM Smart Home

Why RAM Smart Home?

RAM Smart Home is an innovative solution providing Predictive Elder Healthcare with Remote Alerting and Monitoring that solves critical healthcare issues like Safety, Isolation, Helplessness, Food, Sleep, Hygiene and Quality Care.

For Elders:

Elderly people can now stay in their homes where they feel safe, comfortable and receive care knowing that help is only minutes away - instead of moving to a costly healthcare facility.

For Caregivers:

Caregivers can now address Elder Parenting Issues by Remotely Monitoring the Health and Well Being of their Elders by the RAM Smart Home Mobile App by accessing their “Connected Home” via a Network of Sensors used in Smart Beds, Smart Bathrooms, Smart Kitchens and Smart Doors.



The SAP Startup Focus program fosters entrepreneurship and will help your startup grow with an all-access pass to leading technology products such as the groundbreaking SAP HANA platform, business and technical support from industry experts, and market visibility.

Versana Micro Inc

Versana Micro is developing Sensors for the Internet of things (IoT). They have several patents on Silicon Wafer Technology, multi-processor Silicon chips. OMNI HealthCare Solutions has partnered with Versana to bring in innovation, speed and scalability in processing and computing power in microprocessors when it comes to integration with IoT and sensor based technologies.


USI has a state-of-the-art labs in the heart of Silicon Valley with end-to-end capability to take a product concept from the drawing board to fully functional prototypes. They have years of experience working with several Silicon Valley startups in building high-quality devices for meeting initial demand for pilots. OMNI HealthCare Solutions has partnered with USI to build and test functional prototypes from software to hardware in all industries and verticals.

Edvenswa Tech

Edvenswa Tech is a very well recognized Technology Incubation company that works with ambitious Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Investors with high potential and help them launch their Products in the markets they want to play. We provide a solid platform to build new products in our Incubation Facilities where our customers and partners can collaborate and go to market in an agile fashion. OMNI HealthCare Solutions has partnered with Edvenswa Tech to get world class software development expertise and also 24X7 support for building POC, prototypes, technical and functional support.

The Digit Group

The digit group is the recognized world leader of implemented in Smart Cities expertise. We discover the value of Smart Buildings and Smart Cities and provide you with best practices, lessons learned and a framework strategy for your organization. With services that include:
Strategic Planning, Master Designer Smart Ciites (buildings, streetscapes, transportation, sustainable projects/programs), Master Builder Smart Cities (complete turnkey building service, zero defects, 20% under budget. installed in 1/3 the time), Smart City Assessment Services, Information Communication Technology (ICT) Planning :: Sourcing :: Implementation, Project Management, Sustainability Index, Prioritization Protocols, Urban Infrastructure Lifecycle Planning, Safety & Security Governance, Citizen Engagement Programs, Smart City Operations Center Planning :: Sourcing :: Implementation



30+ years of experience in Indian Government Financial Inclusion related projects in several districts within Andhra Pradesh. Experience of managing Finances for Start-ups with limited resources and challenging conditions.


An Entrepreneur at heart with Technology vision for transforming Enterprises. Enjoys challenges of incubating new products/technologies working with Entrepreneurs, Investors & Business Leaders to solve real-life business problems with Architecting skills to create commercially successful and Highly scalable Products/Services


During his career spanning over 22 years, he travelled to 12 countries and served, as an employee as well as an independent consultant, several start-ups, small, mid-size and large corporates with equal passion, entrepreneurial spirit and always left a mark of my contribution.


He is a seasoned business professional passionate about Smart Cities Technologies and Solutions. With 15+ years of experience and a proven track record in Strategic Partnerships, Business Development, he has developed relationships with incubators, accelerators and startups in the Silicon Valley and is adept in driving technology innovation.


5 years of experience in the networking software development, Data center, Enterprise and Service Provider platforms. Managed highly talented teams working on Cisco Data Center's flagship technologies like vPC and FabricPath.


Our app stores patient data in a HIPAA compliant secure cloud storage.



Our apps work on wide range of devices including mobile, web and desktop

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